How To Setup Options

The options section is to let your customers select the product details before add the product to shopping cart.

Step 1

First, click catalog and in the lists choose options.

Step 2

To add new options for your product click this button.

Step 3

Format Description Example
Option Name What type of Option you want to create Color
Type It has 9 selections which is select, radio, checkbox, text, textarea, file, date, time, date & time. Radio
Sort Order How many order to sort 11
Option Value Name You can add as many values that you want to display under your option white, black,rose gold

After finish editing the options, click the blue button at upper right corner to save all data.

Step 4

Go to products section to add options to your product

Step 5

Click this blue button to edit your product options.

Step 6

Go to option.

In this option box you can choose the type of option that you have added in options section.

Format Description Example
Option Value You can add values that you have created in options section black, white, rose gold
Quantity Add quantity of product 3
Subtract Stock After product have been purchased it will automatically subtract the stock based on how many product are purchased Yes
Price You can add plus minus product price
Points Points to reward
Weights Indicate the weight of the product

After finish editing click the blue button at upper right corner to save all data.

So this the options that you added to your product details.