How To Add Order For Customer

Step 1

First, choose sales.

Step 2

After that choose orders.

Step 3

Click this blue button to add new order.

Step 4

Go to customer details.

Format Description Example
Store Set your store to Default Default
Currency Your country currency Ringgit Malaysia
Customer Your customer's name Deom Ecomdiy
Customer Group Set your customer group to Default Default
First Name Your customer's first name Demo
Last Name Your customer's last name Ecomdiy
E-mail Your customer email [email protected]
Telephone Your customer's contact number 0164406668
Fax Your customer's fax number 03 456 7865

Step 5

Go to products.

Format Description Example
Choose Product The product that your customer want to order Canon EOS 5D
Quantity Quantity of product that your customer want 1

Step 6

After confirm with that product, click add product button. If you want to add more products just click add product button again.

The product that you have added will be displayed here.

Step 7

Go to payment details.

Format Description Example
Choose Address You can choose address that you have key in at Customer Details section None
First Name Your customer's first name Deom
Last Name Your customer's last name Ecomdiy
Company Your customer's company N
Address 1 Your customer's address 234
Address 2 Your customer's address Jalan Kelab
City Your customer's city Sungai Petani
Postcode Your customer's postcode 08000
Country Your customer's country Malaysia

Step 8

Go to shipping details. Fill all the form same as at Payment Details section. After that click continue.

Step 9

Go to totals.

Format Description Example
Shipping Method Choose how you want to post your product Flat Shipping Rate
Payment Method Choose the method to pay your product Bank Transfer
Order Status The status of the product Pending

Step 10

If you confirm with the order then click save button to save the order.

The order that you have saved will be displayed here.

Click this blue button if you want to edit the order for customers.